Labyrinth of love and death

The feminine universe unveiled as in a dream. The woman in a story of a dead love. Of the deep and warm universe of feminine love. The raw exposure of a woman's soul and the greatness of her love ... The unraveling of the soul, sacrifice and purification. The hidden poetics of love, death and resurrection, the waters and the moons ... A woman alone, facing the abyss of being a woman.

The show is a plunge in the feminine universe, in the mazes and contradictions of love, life and death, creation and destruction. A text that ventures inside the Woman: the shadow and the light, the cycles of life-death-life, the rebirths, the purifications, the dreams that renew themselves in the connection with the vital elements, desires and memories, inner vision and outward vision. A poetic opportunity of encounter and reflection. Of knowledge and recognition of Woman. The force of nature, the gift and the surrender are paths that can be walked in the labyrinths of the soul, the lives and the deaths of love in the universe of the Feminine. A text by Moncho Rodriguez, interpreted by Marta Carvalho. A process of construction of the play through the sharing gathered in a cycle of debates with dramatized readings of the text, in meetings of women. A show about the female universe that can and should be (re)visited by all men and women.



  • Text and Direction: Moncho Rodriguez
  • Translation for English: Marta Carvalho
  • Revision and dramaturgy for the English Version: Vesna Hauschild
  • Assistant Director for the English Version: Vesna Hauschild
  • Movement advisor for the English version: Kat Boart
  • Producer for the English version: Vixen theatre
  • Acting: Marta Carvalho.
  • Music: Narciso Fernandes
  • Singing: Clarisse Fernandes
  • Costume making: MarĂ­lia Martins
  • Photography: Manuel Meira
  • Poster design: Kaya Tokuhisa