Calling actors and performers

In order to create vibrant, authentic, sincere, engaging, enchanting and versatile theatrical experiences that raise awareness on the challenges of our lifetime in London and worldwide, we strive to build a committed team and respect individualism at the same time.

We enjoy working with adult, professionally trained performers of diverse backgrounds that exercise both, great physical ability and mental fitness.

We use and respect various acting methods and encourage work through playful research with like-minded individuals who follow not only their hearts, but are also aware of their souls and have established personalities - a good understanding of who they are, and are willing to grow and evolve. We don't hold standard type auditions (boring, time-pressured, limiting and simply overall tiresome for everyone involved) as experiences have taught us that those hardly ever reveal anything real.

If our approach speaks to you and you think we could find synergy in creating theatre together, please, get in touch by sending over your cv or/and a portfolio to our email. Fox knows, you just may be the right match for our exciting upcoming project that combines new writing, experimental and physical theatre & live music!

Thank you for your time and energy,